DoDi's Visual Basic 4 Decompiler [Reloaded]



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Microsoft Visual Basic 3
Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Portable
The original VB6 ready for use - without any installation required.
Missing comctl32.ocx or mscomctl.ocx ? -> Common Controls
Like getting nearly all the rest (ComDlg32 RichTx32, MSFlxGrd...) -> VB6.0 SP6
This will also localize ya VB6 to the language you selected for download.
...and just for da case ; ) -= Manual installation hints =-
Installing additional VB controls: '<winsystem32>Regsrv32.exe comctl32.ocx' ( an example)
Do da localization: Extract Vs6sp6B.exe!\vb6ide.dll

VBDIS3.59e Pro Original.7z as Reference and to create missing *.300 Files from *.vbx



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